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At the crossroads of Europe

Carcenter Zeebrugge is situated at the crossroads of Europe, opening the continent to the rest of the world and vice versa. Carcenter Zeebrugge is the result of a successful partnership that started more than 20 years ago between MOSOLF (, a leading logistics Service Provider and technology service provider for the international automotive industry, and C.RO Ports (, an international RO-RO terminal operator specialising in stevedoring, storage and on-carriage of trailers, containers, vehicles and general cargo.

Originally, Carcenter Zeebrugge responded to the need of a major car manufacturer offering pre-delivery inspection, accessory upfitment and repair services within their logistics chain. Over the years, both the service portfolio and customer base gradually expanded and this has resulted in Carcenter now being a recognised and established service provider in the automotive field.

Today, the success of Carcenter resulted in the inauguration of a larger, purpose built facility to support its long term development strategy. The new infrastructure consists of > 7 000 m² of production areas with supporting intermodal terminal access possible up to 260 000 m².


Carcenter Zeebrugge works together with the most sophisticated companies in their fields, always keeping up with new evolutions and technologies.


A characteristic of all departements of our company; we adjust ourselves to your deadlines, your requirements.


We work with the most advanced equipement and the most recent techniques. We are in the possession of the quality certificates ISO 9001.


We have direct access to the best modes of transport, from motorways to railways, inland waterways and harbours.